How to create a team

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Creating teams

A team can be created using the Create a team button in the profile drop down menu. Each user can create any number of teams, and can be a member to any number of teams created by others.

Use the Team page template import set.

Important! During team creation process, team admin has to select which games his/her team plays. Otherwise other teams won’t be able to challenge his/her team. To do that, the team admin has to add a Games Block Visual Composer element to the team’s page. Here’s how to do that:

Edit your games block by clicking pen icon (marked in red) and set block title and games played by team.

When creating a team, a user can select team’s name, avatar and custom background. He/she will even have access to Visual Composer to create a layout of the team’s page!


  1. Click the Add Template button
  2. Select Team page template and it will be imported
  3. Modify your details
  4. Click update or publish